Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Glory of His Handiwork (Number 11 in a series)

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.” Psalm 19:1 (KJV)

When I made the decision to move to California, I thought I’d miss the glorious autumns I’d experienced in the Midwest. Streets lined with blazing golden trees, a horizon painted a spectacular palette of reds and oranges, burgundies and plums – these were the joys I had experienced in Illinois falls.

What a wonderful surprise to find colors every bit as grand and varied here in northern California. I look out across the hills and see a rich patchwork of autumn hues laid against a velvety background of evergreens. Some days, there is a gauzy overlay of mist softening the riotous colors. Other days, they blaze in full splendor.

How shortsighted I was to think God would not display His artistry here! In a world He created, there cannot be a place where He does not allow His creation to draw hearts toward Him through its beauty. Sometimes the beauty is delicate as a butterfly’s wing; other times it is the savage beauty of a glacier. Always, the creation points to the Creator.

Look around you today. Do you find large markers of His glory, glowing like constellations in the sky? Or is it small things that remind you of His creation? Take time to enjoy the signs and to let them point you toward Him -- the Master Artist.

© 2008 Mary Beth Magee

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