Monday, July 13, 2009

Such As I Have (Number 37 in a series)

“Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee.” Acts 3:6a (KJV)

Boy, can I identify with the first part of Peter’s statement! I’ve been out of fulltime work now for nearly ten months. Although I am sure there is something for me out there, it doesn’t seem to be in any particular hurry to reveal itself to me.

I’ve become quite saddened by many of the charity appeals I see, because I have nothing to give. No silver. No gold. No green, either. It breaks my heart to say “No.”

In the last few weeks, this verse has been heavy on my heart, so much so that I went back to look it up and read it in context. Peter is addressing a crippled beggar near the Temple. The man has asked for a handout. Instead, Peter and John give him a changed life. They heal him!

No, I’m not going around healing crippled beggars. But I have been thinking about the “such as I have” part of Peter’s speech. True, I don’t have money. I do, however, have skills and time. Those things I can give.

My mother needs care. I can do that. In fact, I worked in home health many years ago until an automobile accident left me unable to life heavy loads. But my mother weighs so little, I can manage her needs easily.

Our church is sponsoring a jobseekers ministry. I got excited about signing up as a jobseeker. Guess what they were looking for? Volunteers, including ones who could teach people basic computer skills. Aha! I can give that.

Peanut butter or canned goods on sale at the supermarket – buy one, get one free. I only need one, but the church food pantry can use the other one.

I’ve lost some weight over the last year. Some of my clothes no longer fit properly. I can’t use them, but the clothing closet at church can find someone who can.

“Such as I have” is what God has given me in this moment. What I do with it is what I give back to Him.

What are the “such as I have” things in your life? Are you making the best use of those things God has given you?

Father, thank You for the things You give us, meeting our needs. Help us to share those blessings with others and to actively look for ways to apply our gifts to meet the needs of others.

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